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Fourth Floor Interactive places a great importance on making sure our web designers are developers as well. If we do an interactive design, you can rest assured knowing that the team that designed it will be bringing it to life with code as well.

You might be asking yourself though, why is this important? What is wrong with choosing a web firm that seperates the designers from code? Is it wrong for an agency to design inhouse and outsource the coding portion of projects?

Designers who code are much better for your interactive project. Continue reading for a few reasons why as well as links to additional information on the subject.

Here is one reason why from Web Designer Depot, one of the best web design blogs fueled by submissions from leading designers sharing their knowledge & experiences:

Better Design
You can only do so much knowing the fundamentals of design. Typography, color theory, composition, etc. are all fantastic and extremely important skills to know (and know well)…but eventually if you want to excel in your creativity, you must learn the tools of the trade. Painters learn about canvas types, paint compositions, and bristle qualities. Web design is no exception. Learn to code: you’ll be better for it.

And nclud, a smaller Washington, DC based agency, provides further insight on the issue, noting that not only will the designer be better for knowing code, but that the designs he/she produces will be as well:

Knowing the acceptable system fonts, knowing how repeatable graphics repeat, knowing if an element will be an image in the mark-up or a background image in the CSS as well as knowing something as basic as browser resolution grid widths are all examples of essential elements that a web designer who knows how to code will think about when designing for the web – and their designs will be greater for it!

Still not convinced that designers need to be able to code or want more information? Check out the following links to the full articles from both Web Designer Depot and nclud:

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nclud: Should Web Designers Know How to Code?

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